Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friendship Star Quilt

I was reading Angela's talk about her FWQAL and the friendship star block, which reminded me I once made a quilt out of that block.

Of course it was before I went digital.  Sorry about the quality.  It's a scan of an printed picture.  Oh, that makes me sound really old.  I'm not that old, I swear.

My one and only picture of my friendship star quilt before it was given away as a wedding gift.  Cat of course had to help, as always.  What is it about this....?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Quilt and Habitat Blocks

Finished my Habitat Challenge blocks for the CLTMQG.  I can't really pick a favorite.  I think the one in the lower left.  Without the bottom stripe, I think it would make an interesting quilt.
 Also wanted to show this finished quilt.  5" squares might just be my favorite type of quilt.  Just sent this one off to a friend for her baby girl.