Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yippie!  I won a spot in Rachel's Curves Class.  A big thanks to Christina for offering the class!  I can not wait to add to my sewing skills.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Everyone seems to be doing mosaics of what they finished in 2011. Seems way too ambitious for me....

Here's a few pics I haven't shared yet....I'm embarrassed, but some were finished in 2010!

Like this one....the last of my traditional quilts, except for commissions.  Also one of the last tied quilts.  Thank goodness for a much better machine!

I have no idea what to do with the one below.  It was a baby quilt, but all my friends kept having boys.  I think I'll make a resolution to open  an Esty store, so I can sell these.

Same with this one....

This one I love, but just never got around to taking a picture.

These Alzheimer's quilts have been done for months!  I hope that showing them here motivates me to register & send them along.
Same with this one.  It was going to go in the yellow spare room, but then we moved.  It still matches the green spare room good enough I guess.  (why won't Picasa save the rotation on some pictures?!)

And we are finally down to stuff I finished in 2011!

Some Jane Market bags for myself.  I feel so bad going to the farmer's market with plastic!  The middle one has the local logo on it, which makes me so happy.  I did change the pattern a bit, and added some width to the handles.  The original ones I made began to cut into my hands after a few pounds of potatoes.  Also, I didn't do a pocket on most of them, since I wasn't using it.

 And some sneak peaks, since these baby quilts have not been sent to their owners.

I also did some potholders, but again, those need to wait until after I send them.

I hope everyone had a good new year!  And I wish you many more hours in the sewing room for 2012!