Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Quilt & Pillows

I've had this quilt top done since October 2010.  I'm really good at putting the tops together, but then I just seem to lose steam.  Currently there are three more tops in the closet, waiting to become real quilts.  Anyway, I decided this one MUST be finished by this Christmas.  I used this quilt-along (though I didn't really finish at the same time!)  I used a jelly roll, that I've long since forgotten the name of, and more Kona Snow than I usually do.

 Close up of the center, (that I can't get to rotate properly, sorry!)
With the leftover strips and sqares, I made some new pillow covers for the living room.  I also could not resist the Olive the Ostrich pillow panel from Laurie Wisbrun.
Now my house is nice and festive!


Dedra C said...

I was just reading Amanda Jean's tute on this quilt yesterday! Today I was shopping for jelly rolls. I'm making it for sure. You did a great job.

Toni said...

What a great Christmas quilt! And that ostrich pillow is so fun!

Kim said...

Adorable :0)
Nice job, I hope you enjoy these great pieces you have added to your home.

Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

look at how festive olive ostrich looks in your house!! great quilt!!