Friday, March 9, 2012

Lou Lou Thi Grid

I splurged when this fabric line came out and bought the whole line.  I've used quite a bit in other projects, but I wanted this quilt to be made with just this collection.  I loved how it looked with white, so this design was born.

I wanted to try sashing without using long strips, so each block is outlined on two sides, then I layed it out and figured out which blocks needed three sides, or four sides outlined.  This was slightly annoying, since I don't have a design wall, and had to use the living room floor.  But, I love the finished product.  It's sunny.  I didn't realize how much yellow is in the collection until you see the whole thing spread out.

Quilt stats:
4-1/2" finished squares, all Lou Lou Thi fabrics.
1" finshed width Kona Snow sashing
Backing - a lot of random fabrics
Binding - scrappy, Lou Lou Thi - I picked the smaller prints for this.
Size: Huge.  The picture above is on a king sized bed.  There are two rows hanging off the bottom and sides, with about a foot left uncovered at the head.
Quilting: Straight lines along the short side of the quilt,  about a 1/4 in on the inside of the sashing.

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